2017 NAJYRC  CICOY**Gold Medalists Melanie Rousseau, Lily Geelan and Cornelia Dorr

2017 NAJYRC  CICOY**Gold Medalists Melanie Rousseau, Lily Geelan and Cornelia Dorr

2018 Area IV NAYC Team 

In 2017, Area IV brought home Team Gold in the CICOY** Championships at Rebecca Farm. Melanie Rousseau (Area IV) and Lily Geelan (Area IV)  joined forces with Cornelia Dorr (Area I) to compete at the CIC** level. Don't miss your opportunity to represent Area IV at the North American Young Rider Championships and experience for yourself this international Olympic competition for Young Riders.

The North American Youth Championships will be held at The Event at Rebecca Farm July 18-22nd, 2018. The Federation Equestre International sets the requirements to be eligible to compete. USEF requires that a Declaration of Intent to compete at the 2018 NAYC be submitted no later than March 1st, 2018. Riders also must declare which USEA Area they will compete for. You may reach the Declaration of Intent through your USEF Login Portal.  Declaration of Intent Instructions In addition to FEI and United States Equestrian Federation requirements, each United States Eventing Association Area has specific requirements that must be met to be eligible to represent their region.


Basic Overview of Requirements

  • Age Requirement:
    • Competitors at the CCI* level (North American Junior Championships)  must have been born on or between January 1st, 2000 and December 31st, 2004.
    • Competitors at the CIC** level  (CICOY** Nations Cup) must have been born on or between January 1st, 1997 and December 31st, 2002
  • Qualifying Period: January 1st, 2017 - June 17, 2018. NOTE Qualifying Period was changed 3/26/18
    • CCI*/NAYRC: Completion of a CCI* Competition within the Qualifying Period within the minimum parameters of all round performance as follows (Minimum Eligibility Requirement/MER). 
    • CIC*/CICOY** Nations Cup: Completion of a CIC** Competition within the Qualifying Period with the minimum parameters of all round performance as follows (Minimum Eligibility Requirement/MER
    • Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER) Defined as: 
      • Dressage Test: Not more than 45 penalty points (or 55%)
      • Cross Country Test:
        • Clear round at obstacles (activating a maximum of one frangible device will maintain the MER on Cross Country
        • Not more than 75 seconds exceeding the optimum time in the Cross Country Test.
      • Show Jumping Test: Not more than 16 penalties at obstacles
      • NOTE: All MERs obtained in previous years will be counted according to the rules in place at that time. 
  • Declaration of Intent Required by March 1st, 2018
    • Athletes wishing to represent an Area at the event must submit an application online at www.usef.org through their USEF Account no later than 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on March 1st, 2018. 
    •  Declaration of Intent Instructions 
  • 2018 USEF Selection Procedures - REVISED 3/26/2018
  • Submit a signed Code of Conduct to the Area IV Young Rider NAJYRC Coordinator
  • As an FEI athlete you are subject to Clean Sport anti-doping regulations for both your horses and yourself as an athlete.  You and your horses are very likely to be tested.  It is your responsibility to ensure you follow these regulations and a guide can be found at https://www.usef.org/team-usa/ sport-excellence-education/ clean-sport

In addition to the USEF/FEI Requirements listed above, Area IV applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for consideration to represent Area IV at the 2018 NAYRC.



Please direct all inquiries regarding representing Area IV at the 2018 North American Junior Championships to:

Lianne Burgess (612) 889-5033, Area IV NAYC Coordinator

Meaghan Marinovich  (612) 382-0094, Area IV NAYC Coordinator


For questions regarding qualifications, eligibility, FEI paperwork, etc:

Shelleagh Costello (889-225-6923),  Director Eventing National Programs


2018 NAYC Groom Opportunities

Have the opportunity to attend and experience one of the best events in the country! Work with CCI**** event rider Allison Springer and learn what it takes to be involved in top level American Eventing.  2018 Area IV NAYC Grooms will be assigned a horse/rider combination. Grooms help care for the horse throughout the competition including stall cleaning, tack cleaning and help keep the rider organized and punctual.  This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a team environment alongside America's most talented junior and young riders.

The event will be held July 18-22nd, 2018 at The Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT.

Groom applicants will be required to fundraise a minimum of $500 to be eligible for consideration. Groom applicants are required to be a 2018 paid member of the Area IV Young Rider program.

2018 NAYC Groom Application

2018 NAYC Groom Announcement

2018 Area IV Financial Agreement


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