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The Area IV Young Riders Program is a large entity across an enormous geographic region.  To better serve our membership, the Young Rider Coordinators have each taken on specific geographic locations as well as specific roles to improve communication between our members.

Each of your Area IV Young Rider Coordinators is an active member of the United States Eventing Association and competes regularly throughout Area IV.   Feel free to approach with questions, concerns and ideas that you may have about the program. You may reach our coordinators at or call or text at the contact information provided  below.

Lianne Burgess- Northern Area IV

Lianne resides in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. She became active in the Area IV Young Rider Program when her daughter, Kristine, represented Area IV at the North American Youth Championships.

Lianne's primary role within the Area IV Young Rider Program is managing the logistics and paperwork required for representing Area IV at the North American Youth Championships (NAYC). Her experience as a parent of competitor helps improve communication between Coordinators, FEI, USEF, athlete and parents to make the experience as easy as possible.

Lianne also serves as the point of contact for activities in northern Area IV. 

Lianne can be reached at or 612-889-5033


Meaghan Marinovich- IOWA


Meaghan has competed through the Advanced and CCI*** levels of eventing and operates Powder River Ranch in Cumming, Iowa where she teaches, rides and trains.

Meaghan represented Area IV at the North American Youth Championships where she earned a team gold at the CCI* level. This experience helped shape her future as an equestrian professional.  She has strong ties to Area IV and is very excited to help provide opportunities for advancement to our youth. 

Meaghan's primary role is the education, preparation and communication with potential North American Youth Championship riders. Questions regarding qualifications, steps to prepare and what to expect should be directed to Meaghan. She serves as the primary contact throughout the process.  Meaghan is also extremely interested in providing opportunities for lower level riders who may or may not have NAYC aspirations.   Meaghan serves as the point of contact for activities in north central Area IV. 

Meaghan can be reached at or 612-822-0094


Tish Teeluck- Illinois


Tish resides in the Chicago, Illinois area.  She became active in her support of the Area IV Young Rider Program after meeting like-minded individuals and  Young Rider members in the lobby at Rolex. Her passion for the program has continued to grow and in 2018 she organized the Young Rider Camp in Chicago as well as a celebration of the 2017 NAYC CICOY** gold medal team which includes riders from Area IV. 

Tish serves as the point of contact for activities in Illinois and the surrounding areas and aids in marketing and promotions for Area IV. 

Tish can be reached at or 773-447-6143


Cynthia Wiseman- Southern Area IV


Cynthia has competed to the Intermediate and CCI** levels of eventing and owns and operates Stone Ridge Eventing in Miller, MO. She is an ICP Level I certified instructor

Cynthia has served on the Area IV Council since 2006, and was presented the USEA Governor's Cup in  in 2014.  The Governor's Cup is awarded by the United States Eventing Association in recognition of volunteers who services who have contributed significantly to the sport. Cynthia's interest in building the eventing community in Area IV led her to the Young Rider's Program in 2016. 

Cynthia's primary focus is providing education and competitive opportunities for the Young Rider Advancement Program. She serves as the coordinator for the Midsouth Area IV Teams  and Young Rider Virtual Teams. She is the point of contact for activities in southern Area IV.

Cynthia can be reached at or 417-880-4567

Lianne Burgess

Lianne Burgess

Meaghan Marinovich

Meaghan Marinovich

Tish Teeluck

Tish Teeluck

Cynthia Wiseman

Cynthia Wiseman