Gallop into the Future with  Area IV Young Riders

Market your brand with one of the United States' most exciting sports without spending millions of dollars. Each sponsorship opportunity with the USEA Area IV Young Riders is unique with the common goal of knowing that all of your needs as a Sponsor are met and generating the most revenue possible for your brand. Because of this, we will work with you to create a Sponsorship catered to meet your needs.

USEA Area IV includes the broad region of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin which will provide your company with a large presence throughout the Midwest as well as National competitions in Montana, Colorado and Kentucky.

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National Sponsors


Smart Tie products

Smart Tie provides numerous safe tying options for your horse including The Clip, The TetherRing and “Do Or Do Knot” Rope Halters.

Safe, versatile, and convenient, The Clip™ will change the way you tie your horses. Designed by horsemen with years of experience training horses, The Clip™ is designed to help safely tie horses that tend to pull back or panic when tied. The unique design provides resistance while allowing a release of pressure, so that a panicking horse can calm down while remaining safely tied.

"Do or Do Knot" rope Halters are made with your horse’s safety and comfort in mind, using high-quality rope to help prevent chafing on sensitive areas of your horse’s face. Whether you’re grooming, trail riding, or training, “Do Or Do Knot” Rope Halters are lightweight and easy to use. They are a “snap” to put on, without fussing with extra rope or buckles.

Visit or The Clip by Smart Tie on Facebook for more information or to purchase. 

Regional Sponsors



 Woodloch Stable is based in Hugo, MN and provides numerous services to equestrians.  Over a 40-year period, Woodloch has grown to 98 stalls for boarding, training, and lessons, as well as two indoor arenas (one heated), 2 outdoor arenas, a new cross-country area, a one-mile track for exercising and leisure riding, and a larger outdoor stadium arena. 

Visit or Woodloch Stable on Facebook for more information. 

Kastel denmark

Kastel Denmark by Charlotte Jorst is inspired by the strength of fortress “kastels” in her native country, Denmark. Channeling contemporary Danish Design, she was also able to capture important functional elements including protection from the sun while staying cool and active, along with durability and quality. Simplicity paired with fashionable flare reflects her Danish heritage and love for timeless design.

Keep up with Kastel Denmark;  on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook by searching Kastel Denmark. You’ll have access to behind-the-scenes shots, company information, hot new looks, and activity straight from the creative team.

Competition Sponsors

Friendly Sponsors

Wilhite & Frees Equine Hospital
Shannon Doan
Steven & Debra Frye
Richard & Stephanie Roth
Lisa Schroeder