Save the Date: Area IV Annual Meeting February 2nd, 2019

The 2019 Area IV Annual Meeting and Awards presentation will be held Saturday, February 2nd in Des Moines, IA. Suggestions for topics and speakers are welcome! Please share on the USEA Area IV Facebook Page/Annual Meeting Event or via email to

2018 Leaderboards

Leaderboards for the Area IV Adult Rider Programs have been requested from USEA. This information will be published once the program coordinator receives the information from the national organization.

Area IV Young Rider Virtual Team Awards

2018 Area IV Young Riders Program Leaderboard

2018 Volunteer Leaderboard

2019 North American Youth Championships Selection Procedures Announced

November 5, 2018

After much consideration, the following changes are being recommended to the USEF’s International Discipline Council and Board of Directors for the 2019 North American Youth Championships- Junior. The recommendations are subject to legal review and USEF Board of Directors approval and are entitled to change.

Please be aware that the FEI has adopted a new star system and language for 2019. For more information, please review the USEA’s article What the *****? The New FEI Star System Explained.

  • Athlete/horse combinations wishing to compete on the NAYC-J Team must have earned one (1) Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER) at either a CCI-S2* or CCI-L2* within the Qualifying Period which began January 1, 2018 and ends on June 23, 2019. Additionally bot the athlete and the horse, though not necessarily as a combination, must have achieved 3 MERs at the Preliminary level or higher plus an additional MER at the Preliminary or higher with no more than 20 jumping penalties on cross country.

  • The age requirements will remain unchanged. Competitors at the NAYC-J level must have been born on or between January 1st, 2001 and December 31st, 2005

  • Since NAYC is not an FEI Championship, either a valid National Passport or an FEI Passport will be accepted. All horses must be microchipped.

  • Athletes will be able to ride in both the NAYC-J and CCIO-S-Y if selected.

  • Applications deadline will be March 1, 2019 at 12:00pm EDT

  • Balloting language: Based on the total number of entries in the NAYC-J and the CCIO-S-Y, additional individuals may be invited in proportion to the total number of nominated entries per Area.

The format and qualification for the CCIO-S-Y will remain unchanged for the 2019 NAYC with the exception that a National or FEI passport will be accepted.

Young Riders Represent Area IV at Midsouth Team Challenge

Sixteen Area IV youth were chosen to represent the Area IV Young Rider Program at the 2018 Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. In addition to the sixteen young riders, four Area IV Adult Riders helped fill the five teams entered. Unfortunately, our Training team disbanded when Lawson Tunnell suffered a broken collarbone and Lauren Jensen’s Pilot’s Pearl chose poor timing for cellulitis in the week leading up to the event, leaving two Novice and two Beginner Novice teams comprised of fourteen Young Riders and two Adult Riders.

Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge is a destination event with a unique competition environment that attracts competitors from the Midwest as well as the East Coast. Riders compete as a team as well as individuals. Each rider from a team is placed in a different division and rides dressage under a different judge, in a different arena simultaneously with his/her team members. Team members then run cross country and show jump consecutively as well.

 2018 Area IV Young Riders Midsouth Team

2018 Area IV Young Riders Midsouth Team

Area IV Young Riders made a strong presence, taking up an entire row of stabling complete with banners, Halloween decorations and horses tied with The Clip, a safety tie device provided by Area IV Young Rider sponsor Smart Tie Products. Area IV was easily spotted across the large Kentucky Horse Park in their classy heather grey jackets sporting a large Area IV Young Rider logo on the back and their grey long sleeve tees with Area IV YR emblazoned down the sleeve. Camaraderie was high among the Area IV Young Rider teams as social media friends and followers finally met in person. The Area IV Young Rider teams found great success in the highly competitive large divisions which intermixed adults, professionals and youth. Area IV is producing some excellent riders and horses for the future with not a single cross country stop in the bunch.

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Area IV Championships at Otter Creek Horse Trial

Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial hosted the Area IV Championships on September 14-16, 2018.

Preliminary Champion Bailey Albertson and Tassimo ended on a score of 45.5. Grace Peters and Why Not Glen took the honors of Prelim Reserve Champion and ended on a score of 53.8. Bailey and Grace are both members of the Area IV Young Riders Program.

Training Champion Becca Hunt and Snowflake Lane who finished on their dressage score of 31.8. Lisa Borgia and Simarillion were our Reserve Champion and they finished on a score of 32.3. Annika Weisjahn and The Flying Iris were our Third Place Champion and they finished on a score of 38.3. Additionally, Annika, an Area IV Young Rider, was the recipient of the Charles Owen Technical Merit Award. The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award was founded by the USEA Professional Horseman's Council. The hope is that this award will provide incentives for amateur riders who demonstrate safe and appropriate cross-country technique, and will also educate riders and trainers as to what constitutes safe riding across country.  Learn More

Novice Champion, Kailey Giancola and Saturday Night Clive who finished on a score of 29.5. Erica Templeton and Strider Can Fly were our Reserve Novice Champions and finished on a score of 31.9. Sinead O'Meara and Sullivan were the Third Place Novice Champs and finished on a score of 34.3.

Beginner Novice Champion Katarzyna Jachymczyk on Sock Monkey finished on a score of 33.3. Area IV Young Rider Emily Hedberg on Mr Mile High was our Reserve Beginner Novice Champion and they ended on a score of 34. Young Rider Ella Koski on Prosecco were our Beginner Novice Third Place Champion and they ended on a score of 35.3 with another Young Rider member, Tatum Gray taking fourth on Reds Loyal Flame.

The Flying Piglet Young Award, in it’s 5th year running, is given to the top placed Young Rider in Prelim at the Fall Otter Creek Horse Trials.   This year the award was presented to Kristine Burgess, riding her horse Montsant and finishing their weekend with a 1st place in open prelim and the lowest score for the prelim divisions.  She will win stabling at Otter Creek Spring Horse Trials 2019, $150,  and a lovely halter!  Thank you Meaghan Marinovich for sponsoring this generous award!

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Area IV Championships!

Area IV Sweeps Novice Rider Division Top 3 at AECs

Riders from Area IV took the top three placings in the highly competitive Novice Rider division at the American Eventing Championships in Colorado this month.  Anna Howell and Bodacious Affair took the Champion title finishing on their dressage score of 25.2.  Julie Kuhle and Orion earned the Reserve Championship on a score of 26.0 with Cassie Boehm and Aleria Imperia close behind for 3rd on a score of 26.4.

 Cassie Boehm & Aleria Imperia (KS) 3rd, Julie Kuhle & Orion (IA) Reserve Champion, Anna Howell & Bodacious Affair (KS) Champion Novice Rider. Derith Vogt Photo

Cassie Boehm & Aleria Imperia (KS) 3rd, Julie Kuhle & Orion (IA) Reserve Champion, Anna Howell & Bodacious Affair (KS) Champion Novice Rider. Derith Vogt Photo

Area IV was well represented throughout the levels with Julie Wolfert and Iowa Lot of Money earning 4th in the Open Intermediate, Camryn Holcomb and Cloud Nine earning the  Jr/YR Preliminary Reserve Championship and Lindsey Kahn and Seoul Sister finishing 3rd in Beginner Novice Rider.  Cynthia Wiseman and Varsity Blues earned 5th in Training Rider with Grace Peters and Whynot Glen 6th in Junior/YR Preliminary and Mallory Stiver and Hugo Boss 6th in the Prelim Amateur.  Young Rider Caitlyn Ruud earned 6th as well in the Beginner Novice Horse division riding Top Gun Tess. 

Mary Curran & Flying Colors – 10th place, Training Rider
Chantil Ruud & Landmark’s Ginger Rogers – 7th place, Training Amateur
Melissa Otten & Uptown Girl -8th place, Training Amateur
Lauren Stiver & Brementown – 9th place, Training Amateur
Heather Chandler & Velvet Rose – 15th place, Novice Rider
Lauren Schiller & Unzip My Chip – 12th place, Beginner Novice Rider
Katie Sisk & Preachattheriver – 11th place, Beginner Novice Rider
Tatum Gray & Reds Loyal Flame- 9th, Junior Beginner Novice
Paige Borylo & Talisker- 14th, Junior Beginner Novice

 Area IV Young Rider Camryn Holcomb and Cloud Nine earned the Reserve Championship in the Junior/Young Rider Preliminary division

Area IV Young Rider Camryn Holcomb and Cloud Nine earned the Reserve Championship in the Junior/Young Rider Preliminary division

Young Rider Virtual Team Standings

The virtual team of Kristine Burgess and Malvasia Instriana, Ava Davis and Violets are Blue, Sam Kelly and Cobra King, and Greta Schwickert and Matchless leads the Area IV Young Riders Virtual Teams competition. 

Sitting in second place as of September 7th is Team Six. Comprised again of Kristine Burgess riding Montsant, Sam Kelly riding Robinstown Ballivor, Greta Schwickert and FE Charles Owen and Emma Buckley riding Odds On. 

The Virtual Teams program has grown from 3 teams in 2017 to 8 teams in 2018. Teams of four riders combine to earn points throughout the season to compete for year end awards. 

Full Team Standings

Virtual Team Competition Details


 Smart Tie Products & Woodloch Stable Partner with Area IV Young Riders

Area IV Young Riders are excited to announce new partnerships with Smart Tie Products and Woodloch Stables. 

Please welcome Smart Tie Products as a National Level Sponsor for the Area IV Young Riders Program. Their support will help fund programs for our youth at all levels in an effort to grow the sport of Eventing in Area IV.

Smart Tie provides numerous safe tying options for your horse including The Clip, The TetherRing and “Do Or Do Knot” Rope Halters.

Safe, versatile, and convenient, The Clip™ will change the way you tie your horses. Designed by horsemen with years of experience training horses, The Clip™ is designed to help safely tie horses that tend to pull back or panic when tied. The unique design provides resistance while allowing a release of pressure, so that a panicking horse can calm down while remaining safely tied.

Not only can The Clip™ prevent damage to property or injury to horses, but it is extremely convenient! Just a quick pull of the rope adjusts the length, and you can easily clip and unclip your horse without having to tie a single knot. You can also use The Clip™ to hang water buckets or hay nets, while camping or showing, and in the trailer.

"Do or Do Knot" rope Halters are made with your horse’s safety and comfort in mind, using high-quality rope to help prevent chafing on sensitive areas of your horse’s face. Whether you’re grooming, trail riding, or training, “Do Or Do Knot” Rope Halters are lightweight and easy to use. They are a “snap” to put on, without fussing with extra rope or buckles.

Visit or The Clip by Smart Tie on Facebook for more information or to purchase. 


The Area IV Young Riders are also excited to announce Woodloch Stable as a Regional Level Sponsor.   Woodloch Stable is based in Hugo, MN and provides numerous services to equestrians. In 1977, Dan and Elaine Ramberg opened Woodloch Stable with the intent of “putting some food on the table.” Woodloch began with 22 stalls, a truck and trailer, and a handful of good horses. Over a 40-year period, Woodloch has grown to 98 stalls for boarding, training, and lessons, as well as two indoor arenas (one heated), 2 outdoor arenas, a new cross-country area, a one-mile track for exercising and leisure riding, and a larger outdoor stadium arena that holds many horse shows and rodeos throughout the year.  Woodloch is currently operated by Bill and Ingvill Ramberg and offers English and Western lessons, full board facilities, training and a breeding program.

Ingvill Ramberg has selected a small herd of quality broodmares to produce foals from proven international bloodlines. The evolution of the Woodloch breeding program began with their foundation mare named Finale; from her, Woodloch has bred and raised over three generations of sporthorses with emphasis on correct conformation, trainable temperaments, and athletic abilities to excel in any discipline. WL horses come from performance lines in the Oldenburg, Hanoverian, and Belgian Warmblood breeds, with recent focus on Irish Sport Horse bloodlines for the ultimate performance horse that riders can enjoy in all levels of competition.

Visit or Woodloch Stable in Facebook for more information. 

The Area IV Young Rider program is offered through the USEA for riders twenty-one years of age and younger at all levels of riding. The purpose of the program is to encourage our younger members to become involved in the sport of Eventing and continue this involvement into their adult lives. Our organization seeks to promote a love of the sport, as well as an appreciation and understanding of the horse while fostering the wonderful relationship that can develop between horse and rider. Further, involvement in this program helps to instill important moral values, such as responsibility and work ethic, as young riders grow into mature adults. Please read more if you are interested in supporting the future of eventing. 

Area IV Riders Medal at North American Youth Championships

Opening Ceremony.jpg

Four horses,  three riders and three grooms were selected to represent the Area IV Young Riders at the 2018 Adequan/FEI North American Youth Championships held July 18-22nd in  Kalispell, MT.  Grace Peters and Caitlyn Ruud competed in the CCI*J, Greta Schwickert competed in the CIC** with 2 horses. Kim Wollenburg, Camryn Duke and Emily Lehman were chosen to groom.  Riders were coached by USEA ICP Level IV certified instructor and Rolex CCI**** veteran Allison Springer. 

The Adequan/FEI North American Youth Championships are run in a format similar to the Olympics. It's often difficult to understand the intricacies and nuances of the event, but the simplest perspective is that each Area is treated like its own country. Riders represent a particular "country" and each country is required under FEI Championship rules to have its own coach. Area IV was unable to field a full team of 3 riders at either the CCI* or CICOY** levels this year. As a result, our riders were combined with riders from other areas to form full teams.  Teams are combined by the powers that be and due to FEI policies, it is not known in advance of the arrival how many riders will be available and what teams they will be combined with. 

Greta Schwickert was combined with riders from Area I and Area VIII to form a team of four.  Greta's horse Charles Owen was selected to be a part of the team, her horse Matchless competed as an individual.  Greta's combined team of Alexandra Baugh, Heather Jane Morris and Katie Kichten earned CICOY** Team Silver at the 2018 FEI/Adequan North American Youth Championships.

The CCI*J competition was a more complicated situation. Area IV was combined with Area VII riders to form a team. This combination was assigned by the officials.  Area VII already had 3 riders, Area IV had 2 riders at the CCI*J level.  Area VII in essence had a full team of 3, but would be required to add a 4th through this merger. Area VII and Area IV worked together to determine that Area VII would keep their 3 spots and Area IV would only have one position on the team. Caitlynn Ruud and Up to You De Lorage was added to the team and Grace Peters and Whynot Glen would compete as individuals based upon an agreed upon coin toss witnessed by Area IV riders, coach and, chef d'equipe. 

Caitlyn combined with Area VII's Harper Click, Isabella Gunningham and Callia Englund to earn Team Silver in the CCI*J.

Area IV would like to thank Greta Schwickert, Caitlyn Ruud, Grace Peters and their parents for their positive attitudes, understanding and hard work and positive attitudes throughout the process of representing Area IV at this event. Thanks are also extended to Allison Springer, chef d'equipe Brewster Walker and NAYC Young Rider Coordinators Meaghan Marinovich and Lianne Burgess.

Special Edition: Young Riders' View of a Championship

Adult Rider/Young Rider Team Challenge

Area IV Team Challenge.jpg

Fox River Valley Pony Club Horse Trials hosted the 2018 Adult Rider/ Young Rider Team Challenge on June 22-24. 

Adult Riders members were paired with Young Rider members to compete for awards donated by Its a Haggerty's.  

Congratulations to: Beginner Novice champions Ali Kuhn, Ava Davis and Rebecca Roth. Novice champions Ingvill Ramberg, Maura Daugherty, Lillian Allen, Kailey Giancola. Training champions Lisa Borgia, Paul Barr, Elizabeth Sauter, Mary Curran.  Preliminary champions Erin Nielsen, Heather Lindroth, Shelley Remensnyder, Elly Bates. 

Volunteer Awards

Learn about Area IV Volunteer Awards and opportunities. 

Area IV presents the Volunteer of the Year Awards to the top eight  at the Area IV Annual Meeting. 

Current Area IV Volunteer standings