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Area IV Adult Rider Virtual Teams

Have you ever wondered what it is like to compete on an team? Did you root for Team USA at the World Equestrian Games?  Or have you competed at an Adult Rider Team Challenge and had a good time?  Then you should join a Virtual Team!



The Adult Rider Virtual Team Competition (VTC) will run from 1/1/19-12/15/19 and allow participants to earn points at all recognized events and at mini events that directly benefit recognized events.

The AR VTC is intended to engage competitor and event volunteers, providing opportunities for Adult Riders to compete for year-end prizes in a fun way. It’s also a great way to meet new Adult Riders across Area IV!

AR VTC teams will be formed before the first event in May, with back reporting available from events earlier in the year.  Late teams may be formed after May 11 but will only be eligible to count points earned after their sign-up date.

 Please submit all volunteer hours by December 15, 2019.  The VTC scorekeeper will announce team placings monthly starting 6/1/19 and prizes will be awarded at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

To create/join a team, please email


Team members must be current members of the USEA Adult Rider Program by 5/1/19.  You may join the Adult Rider program at USEA’s online services portal:


  • Participants may form their own teams of up to 6 riders or they can email the AR coordinator and they will be added to a team.

  • Participants are not required to assemble their own teams.

  • Teams will be introduced via email.

  • We encourage teams to develop a team identity and hope to see teams engaging at competitions throughout the year!


  • Entering and completing an Area IV event – 40 points(inclusive of the 5 points earned with entry)

  • Points may only be earned in mounted divisions (i.e., no FEH) with 3 or more starters.

  • Placing at an event

            ◦     First place – 60 points

            ◦     Second place – 40 points

            ◦     Third place – 30 points

            ◦     Fourth place – 25 points

            ◦     Fifth place – 20 points

            ◦     Sixth place – 15 points

            ◦     Seventh place – 10 points

            ◦     Eighth place – 5 points

NOTE – Riders must sign up with 1 horse at the beginning of the season.  Riders must email the Adult Rider Coordinator if they choose to change to a different horse midway through the season.  Riders may not return to a horse ridden previously once they change to a new horse.

  • Scores for events outside Area IV will use the same placing structure, but the 20 points for entering and completing an event will not be awarded

  • Volunteering at an Area IV Event (no more than 160 points per event)

    • 80 points for full day

    • 40 points for 1/2 day

      • Volunteer points may be earned at Mini HT and Schooling HT that benefit a USEA Area IV Horse Trial.

  • Volunteering at an event outside Area IV will receive 1/2 points. (20 points for half day, 40 points for a full day)

  • Bonus Points

    • CCI/CIC or long/short *'s – 50 bonus points

    • Classic Series- 30 bonus points

  • Representing Area IV at the AECs or the National Adult Team Challenge at the AECs – 50 bonus points

  • Participating in the Area IV Championships— 50 bonus points

  • Team members who volunteer to coordinate or help with coordinating an Adult Rider social – 80 bonus points per party split between team members.

  • Virtual team scorekeeper (Beth Johnson)— 150 points

  • Low Score Award Coordinator— 50 points

  • Participating in Adult Rider Camp— 30 points

  • Camp Co-Coordinators— 50 points each

  • Area IV Adult Amateur Recognition Coordinator— 30 points

  • VTC social media coordinator— 100 points

  • AR/YR Team Challenge Coordinator-- set up and run team challenge at Summer Otter Creek.  Must be able to be on site at the event to help with distribution of prizes.  100 points

  • Virtual Team Coordinator (Ali Kuhn)- collect sign ups, help form teams, collect payments, post updates throughout the year including score updates and opportunities for team engagement, socials, etc, assist with prizes at the end of the year— 200 points

  • If you have ideas for other volunteer roles or to inquire about volunteering for any of the bonus point roles please email the adult rider coordinator at

*** Email with all volunteer hours and to report all points earned at shows outside of Area IV. 


Prizes will be awarded to the top four placing teams.  To qualify for a prize you must contribute at least 30 points to your team  

Please complete the ENTRY FORM to be on a team for 2019!


Questions?  Contact the Adult Rider Coordinator Jessica Smith at