Area IV Adult Rider Virtual Teams

Have you ever wondered what it is like to compete on an team? Did you root for Team USA at the World Equestrian Games?  Or have you competed at an Adult Rider Team Challenge and had a good time?  Then you should join a Virtual Team!

Back again for 2017, Area IV Adult Riders will sponsor the Virtual Team Competition!  This competition will run through the 2017 season for USEA recognized events.  Teams are randomly drawn before the first weekend in May.  Scores will accumulate from January 1, 2017 until December 1, 2017.  All volunteer hours count for points and must be in by December 15, 2016.

Entry Form for 2017


Virtual Team Rules: 


  1. Each rider must compete in 3 events or volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours to be eligible for year-end awards!   
  2. Scores at all Area IV recognized events will count for full points.  Individual scores are calculated based on the place they finish in at each event:  1st place= 50 points, 2nd place= 30 points, 3rd= 20, 10th= 13, 15th= 8, etc.  Elimination, Withdrawn, Retired or didn't enter = 0.   
  3. Scores from recognized events outside Area IV will count for ½ value, however you must report your final placing to the score keeper within 4 weeks of the event.  Example: you placed 2nd at Richland Park, you will get 15 points for your team if you report it within 4 weeks.   
  4. Those entered in the Championship divisions at the Area IV Championships at Heritage Park Horse Trials October 6-8,  2017 will receive double points.   
  5. Any team member that represents Area IV at AEC’s or ATC’s will receive 30 bonus points and their final score will count for full points as if it were an Area IV event.   
  6. Any team member who participates in a Classic Series HT, CCI, or CIC anywhere in the nation will receive 10 bonus points and their final score will count for full points as if it were an Area IV event but you MUST contact the score keeper with your result within 4 weeks of the event.     
  7. Virtual Team Score Keeper will receive 50 bonus points. 
  8. Low Score Award Coordinator will receive 30 bonus points.
  9. Area IV Adult Rider Amateur Recognition Coordinator will receive 30 bonus points.  
  10. Participation in the Area IV Adult Rider camp will earn 30 bonus points. 
  11. Volunteers from Adult Rider Camp will receive 5 points per hour of volunteer work. 
  12. Camp Cocoordinator will receive 50 bonus points.    
  13. Team members who volunteer to coordinate an Adult Rider party will receive 20 bonus points per event.  These points may be split between multiple team members if more than 1 person helps coordinate the party.  You must report this score to the score keeper.   Every volunteer hour reported on your Adult Rider Volunteer log will be worth two bonus points. (Email for a log form or use the link below.) 
  14. Volunteer hours for events outside Area IV will count for 1 point per hour.  Volunteer hours are capped at 100 hours.  All volunteer hours must be reported to the score keeper or Adult Rider Coordinator by Dec 1, 2016.
  15. Teams are encouraged to work together to come up with a team name.  If the team has not submitted a name by May 10, 2017 the Adult Rider coordinator will assign a team name. 
  16. Teams are encouraged to meet/socialize/have fun together at events across the nation and in any other capacity related to eventing. 
  17. Teams are asked to capture photos throughout the year of team interactions (even if all members are not present) and to submit a photo collage of team activities by December 1, 2017.  These photo collages will be posted on Facebook and the team with the highest number of likes will receive 50 bonus points, 2nd place 25 bonus points, 3rd place 10 bonus points.  No other photo challenges will be assigned this year.
  18. Individual awards— the highest horse trial point earner and the highest volunteer point earner across all teams will receive special recognition and prizes at the 2017 Area IV Annual Meeting.   
  19. “Team Spirit Award”.  This award will go to the team that shows the greatest unity, teamwork. and companionship across the Area. 
  20. Let’s show everyone in Eventing just how awesome Virtual Teams can be!

Volunteer Log Form

Team Awards will be presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting to the top 3 teams!

 Riders do not need be an Adult Rider member to compete, but 2017 Adult Rider members will receive a discounted entry fee.

Please complete the ENTRY FORM to be on a team for 2017!


Questions?  Contact the Adult Rider Coordinator Jessica Smith at